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Natalie lives in Calgary Confederation with her family and has more than 25 years of experience as a director, strategist and researcher for non-profit organizations and in the private sector.

Natalie advocates for human rights, poverty, education and the environment, and she is a volunteer youth sports coach.

New ideas for a prosperous future

The Green Party has a bold plan for a prosperous, healthy and sustainable Canada that is innovative, inclusive and fiscally responsible. The solutions are practical and cost-effective, and they deliver results for people, the economy and the environment.

Together, we can work towards climate action, affordable housing, clean energy, local jobs, improved health care, resilient communities and a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

A plan for Albertans

Let’s continue to be leaders in energy, but in forms that are sustainable and resilient. Alberta has an exciting role in the Green Party plan, where we can create jobs and prosperity for today and tomorrow. And play our part in the climate crisis.

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Elizabeth May, former Leader of the Green Party of Canada