Let’s fix our electoral system

Electoral reform will make every vote count. 

Our electoral system needs fixing. The Green Party has always been committed to working towards electoral reform – because we want your vote to count.

 It’s time for electoral reform in Canada.

Our existing electoral system is antiquated

Canadians deserve an electoral system that accurately represents the diversity of concerns and voices found across the country. Our current first-past-the-post system allows for majority governments to form without receiving a majority of the vote.


We are deterring and devaluing votes

Federal elections commonly see 60% or more of the electorate voting against parties that go on to form government. First-past-the-post elections deter voter turnout and value every individual vote less.

They also encourage voters to vote strategically rather than for a representative who most aligns with their values and concerns. The result is a parliament that does not effectively embody the values of Canadian voters.

Our electoral system needs fixing

The Green Party is – and has always been – committed to electoral reform.

We are the only federal party dedicated to ensuring that the 2019 election is the last first-past-the-post election. We will launch a Citizens Assembly mandated with making recommendations to parliament for an electoral system, chosen by and for Canadians, that will make every vote count. Legislative changes based from the recommendations of the Citizens Assembly will be in place in time for the 2023 election.

To further strengthen the integrity of the election process, a Green Government would also:

  • Lower the voting age to 16, giving young people more say in their future and instilling habits of civic participation.
  • Require all parties to submit their campaign platform cost estimates to the Parliamentary Budget Officer for review.
  • Mandate Elections Canada to develop a truth in advertising framework for election campaigns that empowers the Commissioner of Elections to investigate citizens’ complaints related to campaign advertising and impose sanctions if the complaints are found to be justified.

A healthy democracy is one in which voters are engaged, all voices are heard, and governments accurately represent and respond to the real needs of citizens. Electoral reform is good for democracy. It is good for Canada.

Together, we can update our electoral system

Green have always been committed to electoral reform and seeking a system that is fair and suited to Canada.

Every vote, every lawn sign and every donation gets us one step closer to updating our electoral system.

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