The average student debt for post-secondary education in Canada is $26,000. This burden is placed on graduates and disproportionately affects low and middle-income Canadians.

Education is a right – not a privilege. The Green Party will make education a right for every student. Because when we invest in our students, the entire country wins.

It is time to reinvest in our students.

What Natalie and the Green Party will do for students

Universal access to quality post-secondary education and skills training is a right, not a privilege. Our society is stronger when the citizenry is informed and well educated.

Post-secondary education is part of Canada’s treaty obligations to Indigenous Peoples and a key focus for reconciliation.

Here is what we will do for students:

  • Free tuition for everyone. This plan is fully costed with savings from existing spending on bursaries, tax credits, loan administration and loan write-offs.
  • Forgive all student debt to help our new workers get ahead.
  • Tie federal support to measurable improvements in education benchmarks – such as increased mentorship, inclusion policies and tenure track hires.

Canada needs to keep up with economies around the world by investing in free tuition.