Why Natalie

For me, it’s about giving people a fair chance to optimize their potential, putting a high value on our natural resources and developing the most impactful social programs. 

Calgary has great possibilities if we are bold in creating new solutions and driving innovation.

I’m deeply invested in our community.

I have lived in Calgary since I was a child and attended all levels of schooling in Calgary Confederation. We live and volunteer and our two young sons now attend school in Calgary Confederation.


I can speak for my constituents.

The Green Party of Canada does not whip votes – setting us apart from the other 3 main parties. As a Green Party MP I can speak for my constituents without pressure to conform to a party line.


I’m fiscally responsible.

In 2003 I was hired as the Executive Director at a nonprofit organisation that was in debt and had no staff. With my brilliant colleagues, in a few years we turned the organisation into an award-winning, stable, thriving social entreprise that employed ten staff.


I have a very strong work ethic.

I’m a working mother who volunteers in her community. I have had a job, or two, since I was 14 years old. For 25 years I have worked, studied and volunteered in the areas of environment and human rights. I completed my Masters in Environment and Management while working at a consulting company and volunteering overseas and I co-founded a citizens’ education advocacy group. 

This is how I’ll work for you.

About Natalie

I’m running in my 4th election because I believe we need energized, modern-thinking representatives for our city and country to thrive. I will bring fresh energy and ideas for cost-effective solutions that will deliver results and benefit Canadians, our economy and the environment.  

I’ve called Treaty 7 Mohkinstsis / Calgary home for most of my life and I’m raising my family here in the riding of Calgary Confederation. After working in government and for small businesses, I have spent my career in the voluntary sector.  I’m the Executive Director of an Alberta nonprofit network and have a degree from the University of Calgary and a M.A. in Environment and Management from Royal Roads University, B.C. 

My job is to build relationships and coach teams to tackle complex problems. I’m a facilitator, a strategist, a researcher and a coordinator, and I’m accustomed to delivering results with tight budgets. I’ve long been an advocate for human rights, education and poverty reduction including development work in South America. In my community, I have the pleasure of coaching youth sports.  

This past year I have dedicated myself to co-leading of several nonpartisan Alberta-wide campaigns – Defend Alberta Parks, a massive public engagement campaign that successfully stopped the closure and delisting of 175 provincial parks, Protect our Water – Alberta Beyond Coal part of a large effort to stop open-pit coal mining developments in the Alberta Rockies, water source for millions of people across the prairies, and Drawdown Alberta, a movement that crowd-sources research into the most feasible and impactful climate solutions for Alberta. One if the most important aspects of Drawdown Alberta is the focus on climate positive education and careers for young Albertans.

I believe that we need Alberta Greens in Ottawa to ensure that Alberta’s workers are supported as the economy shifts. Climate action is also about transforming transportation, buildings, heavy industry and agriculture, all of which are opportunities for Alberta that can be leveraged if we move quickly and resolutely across sectors.

I believe that the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 Calls to Action and the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Inquiry 231 Calls to Justice must be the highest priority for Members of Parliament. They must be front and centre in all of the work the federal government undertakes.

Green policies and platform are about the best, most impactful actions that get at root causes and seek to eliminate barriers to people reaching their potential and thriving in their lives – which benefits all Canadians. Greens are not told what to say or how to vote by the party.  You will find Green Party policies here. 

When I’m not campaigning I love to play soccer, canoe, kayaking, camp, hike, bike and ski. I try to keep up with my sons 🙂 



I want to hear from you

I want to hear about what is important to the people who live, work and play in Calgary Confederation. I want to hear from you.

Send me an email at info@natalieodd.ca or call the campaign team at 587.228.6391. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch!

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