We need a Canada that works for all of us.

Prosperous, healthy and sustainable.

The Green Party platform is built on responsibility. That is why it was important to us that we present Canadians a fully costed platform that will balance the budget by 2024.

Our platform closes tax loopholes, ends corporate hand-outs and restructures current funding to reduce inequality and end systemic poverty.

At the same time we’re launching targeted programs to cut our carbon emissions, ensure a just transition to the new economy, and build a new relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

Fresh vision for Canada’s economy

Let’s work toward a forward-thinking vision. A smart economy is resilient, diversified, invests in lasting jobs and keeps taxes low for small businesses.


Bold action – for Alberta and the climate

Now is the time for visionary climate action that strengthens our communities, employs Albertans and creates new opportunities for everyone. 


Affordability for all

All Canadians deserve to live with dignity. We are committed to universal daycare, pharmacare, guaranteed living income and affordable housing.


Real justice and reconciliation

Implement the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the calls of the report from the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.


Support our future leaders

Young Canadians are the future of our country, so we will eliminate post-secondary tuition and invest in employment and apprenticeship programs.


Accountable government that listens

As your MP, I will be accountable only to Calgary Confederation and will bring back responsible and transparent government. The Green Party does not whip votes so I can speak for you – everyday.


Vote for Natalie

Forward, together. 

Our Vision for Canada

The Green Party has a plan that is innovative, inclusive and fiscally responsible.