I’m deeply invested in our community.

I have lived in Calgary since I was a child and attended all levels of schooling in Calgary Confederation. We live and volunteer and our two young sons now attend school in Calgary Confederation.


I can speak for my constituents.

The Green Party of Canada does not whip votes – setting us apart from the other 3 main parties. As a Green Party MP I can speak for my constituents without pressure to conform to a party line.


I’m fiscally responsible.

In 2003 I was hired as the Executive Director at a nonprofit organisation that was in debt and had no staff. With my brilliant colleagues, in a few years we turned the organisation into an award-winning, stable, thriving social entreprise that employed ten staff.


I have a very strong work ethic.

I’m a working mother who volunteers in her community. I have had a job, or two, since I was 14 years old. For 25 years I have worked, studied and volunteered in the areas of environment and human rights. I completed my Masters in Environment and Management while working at a consulting company and volunteering overseas and I recently co-founded a citizens’ education advocacy group called Support our Students Alberta.